Dizzy Miss Lizzie
Dizzy Miss Lizzie, you are pretty cool and really good looking. I kinda like you.

Hello kind anon, you’re really sweet.

Thanks for kinda liking me.

Y mientras más perdido estoy, más quiero que me encuentres.
J. Porcupine, La vuelta al mundo para abrazarte por la espalda  (via hachedesilencio)
Tenemos tanto en común; el no tenernos, por ejemplo.
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Anna Kendrick - Cups (Radio Version)
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Anna Kendrick | 'Cups' (New Radio Version)

With the success of the film ‘Pitch Perfect’ - rumor has it that Universal is  releasing a new radio version of the fan favorite ‘Cups’ by Anna Kendrick to radio stations. This new edit has a sound very similar to Phillip Phillip’s ‘Home’ or some of The Lumineer’s music. It’s still catchy as ever and will probably find even more success now that it has a proper radio edit.

"I think [Breaking Bad] is a show of contrasts, and so there are little hot spots in there when something could be completely dark or completely backlit or completely silhouette; there might be a little highlight, you know, that draws your eye to fill the frame. …I wanted to do to give it that painterly feel." 

Breaking Bad cinematographer Michael Slovis

Dónde estarás, dónde estaremos desde hoy, dos puntos en un universo inexplicable, cerca o lejos, dos puntos que crean una línea, dos puntos que se alejan y se acercan arbitrariamente.
Rayuela, Cortázar. (via efimerabelleza)